Skill drill 11ii: 4v4 attacking 4 goals

Skill drill 11-variation 2 is a 4v4 game in a tight space which helps develop game awareness, decision making, transition and execution of skills under greater pressure
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COERVER - Make your move - part 1

Coerver is among the most popular skills development training methods in the world. Over the years Coerver has helped players from top soccer clubs and federations such as the French Federation, Bayern Munich in Germany and Arsenal in England.

In this program there is an organized selection of skills and exercises to develop the player's individual technique.

About the program:

- Learn techniques for popular skills such as 'inside cut', 'outside cut' and 'twist off'
- 'Change of direction' and 'Stops and Starts' skills
- 38 different videos
- 19 specific skills
- Application in 16 fun exercises
- Over 45 minutes of content
- Graphics for each exercise
- Key points for each skill or exercise

Part 3 coming soon!

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