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The 6 week soccer specific fitness program is ideal to prepare a player's body for the season. Optimal physical preparation is an absolute must to perform at the highest level. The program is presented by Jens Bangsbo.

Professor Bangsbo is world famous for his work on the field of soccer and science. He worked closely with Marcelo Lippi at the Italian side Juventus and prepared the Danish National Team for the FIFA World Cup and Euro Cup.

Jens also helped some of the best players in the world like Zinedine Zidane, Pavel Nedved and Alexandro Del Piero to improve their physical performance. Now he reveals his methods, exclusively on InsideSoccer.
About the program:
- 6 weeks - 3 sessions per week
- Combination of aerobic and speed elements to improve your endurance and muscular tone
- Soccer specific - all exercises include technical objectives
- Specific information about time, repetitions, number of set and rest periods
- Designed for all levels - suitable for youth level
- Fun and easy to execute with teammate

The program is organized in 6 weeks:

- Week 1: Focused on aerobic moderate intensity exercises
- Week 2: Combines aerobic high and moderate intensity exercises
- Week 3: Introduction to speed work
- Week 4: Progression to speed endurance work
- Week 5: Agility, speed and work at high intensity
- Week 6: Combination of different physical aspects to improve sharpness in movements