7-8 years - team program 1

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This is a training program appropriate for players aged 7 and 8 years old. The coach will deliver two 90 minute session per week.

1) The structure of the sessions is arranged so that they progress from simple to complex

2) The program is organised as follows:
- The first 5 weeks are focussed on basic soccer techniques.
- The second 5 weeks incorporate some basic physical work.
- The program is based on the following basic soccer techniques: dribbling, ball control, passing and receiving, shooting and turning with the ball.

3) Number of sessions per week: 2 I Session time: 90 min

4) The sessions follow this structure:
- Dynamic warm up with the ball
- Individual skills (e.g. Drag back turn)
- Technique or/and 1v1 situation
- Opposed practice
- Scrimmage

5) Important: all practices must finish with a 25 minutes scrimmage.